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Dr. H R Sardana

Ph.D. (Ag. Entomology)

Principal Scientist (Ag. Entomology)


Telephone: 011-25843936

Mobile No.: +919968384033

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Top 10 Research Papers:
  • Choudhary, M., Sardana, H.R., Bhat, M.N. and Gurjar, M.S. (2018). First Report of Leaf Spot Disease caused by Exserohilum rostratum on bottle gourd in India, Plant Disease, 102 (10):2042-2043.
  • Halder, J., Sardana, H.R., Bhat, M.N., Krishnan N. and C. Sellaperumal (2018). Synthesis and Area-wide validation of deliverable IPM technology and its economic analysis for bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) in a farmers’ driven approach, Indian J. Agri. Sciences, 88 (9):1378-1382.
  • Sardana, H.R. and Bhat, M.N. (2017). Farmers’ centred approach for area-wide implementation of sustainable IPM technology and economic analysis of onion (Allium cepa) during rabi season, Indian J Agri. Sciences, 87 (1):83-86.
  • Sardana, H.R. and Bhat, M.N. (2016). Economic analysis of sustainable IPM Technology for onion seed crop in a farmers’ led approach, Indian J. Horticulture, 73 (4):615-618.
  • Sardana, H.R. and Verma, S. (1989). Spatial distribution pattern of leaf hopper, A. Kerri Pruthi on green gram, Legume Research, 12(20):86-90.
  • Sardana, H.R., Bhat, M.N. and Sehgal, Mukesh (2012). Wider area validation and economic analysis of adaptable IPM technology in bell pepper (Capsicum annum var. frutescens), Indian J. Agri. Sciences, 82 (2):186-189.
  • Sardana, H.R., Bambawale, O.M., Singh, D.K. and Kadu, L.N. (2008). Larger area validation of adaptable integrated pest management technology in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus moench) through farmers’ participation, Indian J. Agri. Sciences, 78 (12):1063-1066.
  • Sardana, H.R. and Datta, O.P. (1989). Field response of okra germplasm to infestation by shoot and fruit borer, Indian J. agri. Sciences, 59(6):391-392.
  • Sardana, H.R. and Rao G.S.P. (1989). Estimation of optimum size and shape of experimental plots for the pesticide trials against okra shoot and fruit borer, E. vittella Fab, Indian J. Horticulture, 46(l):126-128.
  • Sardana, H.R. (1991). Efficacy and economics of conventional and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides for the control of pests in okra. Indian J. Horticulture, 48 (2):165-170.
  • P P Singhal Award - 2018, PI industries, Gurugram
  • Honorary Fellowship Award - 2019, Bioved Research Institute of Agriculture and Sciences, Prayagraj
  • Life Time Achievement Award, New Age Society and SVBPUA&T, Modipuram
  • Outstanding contribution to Science Award -2019, B V Foundation, Chennai
  • Entomological Society of India
  • Society of Plant Protection Sciences
  • Plant Protection Association of India