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Ph.D. (Zoology)
Principal Scientist (Ag. Entomology)
Telephone: 011-25843935
Mobile No.: +917992254589
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Top 10 Research Papers:
  • Jana, B. R., Bhatt, B.P. Singh, I.S. and Idris, M. (2019). A study on commercial cultivation and storage of water chestnut (Trapa natans L.) of wetland ecosystem of North Bihar, India, Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 11(2): 528 – 533.
  • Rajan, L., Singh, S.S., Sharma, S., Idris, M., Bhatt, B.P., Sahrawat, Y., Liz Humphreys, and Ladha, J.K. (2014). Integration of agriculture with best management Practices for improving system performance of rice-wheat rotation in Eastern Indo Gangetic plains of India. Agriculture, Ecosystem & Environment (Netherlands), 195: 68-82
  • Singh, S.S., Mukherjee, J., Kumar, S. and Idris, M. (2013). Effect of elevated CO2 on growth and yield determination of rice crop in Open Top Chamber in sub humid climate of Eastern India, J. Agrometeorology, 15 (1): 1-10.
  • Rogovin, K. A., Shenbrot, G. I. Surov, A. V. and Idris, M. (1994). Spatial organisation of a rodent community in the western Rajasthan desert (India), Mammalia, 58 (2): 243-260.
  • Idris, M. and Prakash, I. (1987). Scent marking behaviour and social organisation in Indian soft-furred field rat, Rattus meltada, Acta Theriol, 32 (19): 315-325.
  • Idris, M. and Prakash, I. (1987). Scent marking activity in the Indian gerbil. T. indica in relation to population density, Anim. Behav., 35:920-921.
  • Idris, M. and Prakash, I. (1985). Hormonal control of scent marking behaviour in Indian gerbil, Acta Theriol, 30 (16): 267-274.
  • Idris, M. and Prakash, I. (1985). Social and scent marking behaviour in Indian gerbil, Tatera indica. Biol. Behav., 10: 31-39.
  • Idris, M. and Prakash, I. (1983). Response of male Indian gerbil, Tatera indica to urine from female Indian, J. exptl. Biology, 21: 97-98.
  • Prakash, I. and Idris, M. (1982). Scent marking by female Indian gerbil, Tatera indica from two distinct desert habitat during oestrous, Indian J. Exptl. Biology, 22: 915-916.

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