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Ph.D. (Pl. Pathology)
Principal Scientist (Pl. Pathology)
Telephone: 011-25843935
Mobile No.: +919968179940
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Top 10 Research Papers:
  • Yadav, M.S., Kumar, A., Chattopadhyay, C. and YadavA, D.K. (2019). Weather-based epidemiological models for Alternaria blight of oilseed brassicas in India, Phytopathology, 109: 2-19.
  • Yadav, M.S., Godika, S., Yadava, DK, Ahmad, N., Mehta N, Bhatnagar, K., Agrawal, V.K., Kumar, A., Thomas, L, and Chattopadhyay, C, (2019). Prioritizing components of package of integrated pest management in Indian mustard, Crop Protection, 120: 121-129.
  • Yadav, M.S., Singh, A., Godika, S., Ahmad, N., Mehta, N., Yadava, D.K. and Chattopadhyay, C. (2016). Weather-based epidemiological models for Sclerotinia rot of oilseed Brassicas for Rajasthan, Indian Phytopathology, 69(4s): 230-232.
  • Yadav, M.S., Ahmad, N., Singh, S., Yadava, D.K., Godika, S. and Gaur, R.B. (2012). Multilocational validation of integrated management practices for Sclerotinia rot of Indian mustard, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 82(11): 972-77.
  • Yadava, D.K., Vignesh, M., Vasudeva, S., Singh, R., Dass, B., Yadav, M.S., Mohapatra, T. and Prabhu, K.V. (2012). Understanding the genetic relationship among resistant sources of white rust, a major fungal disease of Brassica juncea. Indian J. Genetics, 72: 89-91.
  • Yadav, M.S., Ahmad, N, Singh, S., Bambawale, O.M. and Yadava, D.K. (2011). Evaluation of Trichoderma and garlic clove extract against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum of Brassica juncea, Indian Phytopathology, 64(3): 305-307.
  • Yadav, M.S. and Brar, K.S. (2010). Assessment of yield losses due to mung bean yellow mosaic India virus and evaluation of mung bean genotypes for resistance in South-West Punjab, Indian Phytopathology, 63(3): 318-320.
  • Vignesh, M., Yadava, D.K., Vasudeva, S., Mohapatra, T., Jain, N., Yadav, A.K., Malik, D., Yadav, M.S. and Prabhu, K.V. (2009). Genetics of white rust resistance in {Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss.} and allelic relationship between interspecific sources of resistance, Indian J. Genet. and Plant Breeding, 69: 205-208.
  • Yadav, M.S. (2009). Biopesticidal effect of botanicals on the management of mustard diseases, Indian Phytopathology, 62(4): 488-492.
  • Yadav, M.S. (2008). Disease reaction of newly introduced Bt transgenic cotton hybrids in south-West region of Punjab, Indian Phytopathology, 61(2): 141-145.

  • Hexamar Foundation Gold Medal in M.Sc.(Agri.) in Plant Pathology
  • UNDP Junior and Senior Fellowship in M.Sc. (Agri.) & Ph.D. Seed Pathology, respectively
  • Scroll of Honour conferred for valuable services as Zonal President (IPS Delhi Zone) 2019
  • Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society (FPSI), IARI, New Delhi since 2017
  • Scroll of Honour Conferred for valuable service as Zonal Councillor (IPS Delhi Zone) in 2010
  • Fellow of Indian Society of Seed Technology (FISST), IARI, New Delhi since 1993
  • Fellow of Indian Society of Oilseeds Research (FISOR), Hyderabad since 2000
  • Fellow of Indian Society of Plant pathologists (FISPP), PAU, Ludhiana since 2004

  • Member, American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul MN 55121 U.S.A. from 2016-2020.
  • Life Member Indian Phytopathological Society, Div. of Plant pathology, IARI, New Delhi
  • Life member of Indian Society of Mycology and Plant pathology, Deptt. of Plant pathology, MPUAT, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Life Member of Indian Society of Plant pathologists, Deptt. Of Plant Pathology, PAU, Ludhiana
  • Member, Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi from 2009-12
  • Member, Indian Society of Seed Technology, IARI, New Delhi from 1989-1993
  • Member, Plant Protection Association of India during 2012-13

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