• Rice
  • Pigeonpea
  • Groundnut
  • Tomato
Pest dynamics vs.  Climate change

Work Plan 

  • Development of database on pests/natural enemies/weather/crop: Historical & Current
  • Documentation of emerging pests: Literature & Surveys, Analyses
  • Controlled experiments to assess direct and host mediated impacts of climatic variables among trophic levels
  • Development of e-pest surveillence: Networking of selected plant protection research centres representing diverse agro-ecologies of target crops for multi-season monitoring - development of web enabled software and maintenance
  • Analyses of pest weather interactions: Year long data of weather & seasonal data of pests - frequency of occurrence of pests above economic thresholds; intensity of pest outbreaks, climate-insect outbreak relationships, simulation, empirical models and thumb rules
  • Prediction of future scenarios of pest status for climate change scenarios
  • Development of ICT/digital tools for delivery of pest management advisories

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